Today we implemented the changes below which we notified account admins about on November 24th and then sent a reminder on December 9th.

To enhance security, TC Mobile users do not have web access to Tablet Command unless specifically enabled by an account admin.  You can request this access through the appropriate channels in your organization.

Email Message Sent to all Account Admins:

Effective Tuesday December 15, 2020 Tablet Command will be implementing changes to user access levels. These changes have been developed based on our desire to protect your agency’s sensitive information. It has come to our attention that some TC Mobile (iPhone/Android) users may be sharing credentials to allow access to the Tablet Command web interface, therefore, the web interface will be disabled for TC Mobile users by default.

The new user access levels will be:

  • Web Interface
  • TC Mobile
    • Does not include access to the Tablet Command web interface by default
  • Tablet Command Pro and Tablet Command Pro 2 Way
    • Includes access to the Tablet Command web Interface, TC Mobile (iPhone/Android) and Tablet Command (iPad) by default

User access to the web interface can be granted or removed for any user by an account administrator.

Following this change, access to the Tablet Command web interface for all users will be limited to one browser session per credential, consistent with limitations we have placed on other Tablet Command users [TC Mobile (iPhone/Android) and Tablet Command (iPad). When a user logs in to the Tablet Command web interface from a second web browser the previously open session will be notified and closed.

We have added a user access option that provides for web access only. This option can be used to support the display of Tablet Command in Communications Center, Firehouses, and other administrative locations that may benefit from the ability to view the Tablet Command web console. Each device will require an individual credential beginning on Tuesday December 15, 2020.

There will be no charge for web only accounts, however, they must be associated with a valid account or agency email address.  As part of this transition, Tablet Command will create the necessary web only users for your account based on a list you provide.  If you are interested in this service, please reply and request the Web Only On-Boarding document.

If you have questions, needs or concerns related to this information please contact us at and we will ensure that your needs are met.



The Tablet Command team.