If you would like the location of an iPad to show on the map for all Tablet Command users, follow the directions below:

  1. Ensure that the iPad is set to share location to Tablet Command in iOS Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Tablet Command.  

    1. If you want the location to be shared even if the device is locked or running a different application, enable share location “always”.  This will reduce battery life and is not 100% reliable in the background as the operating system controls how and when to send location data back to Tablet Command

  2. In the Tablet Command Web Portal, go to Admin Settings > Users and select the user whose location you would like to show on the map.

  3. Set the Map ID to the label you would like to see on the map. For example “E1”

  4. NOTE: If the user is associated with a Vehicle ID for statusing, you can show the location of the iPad on the map, but the MAP ID will be the Vehicle ID that the user is associated with, NOT the Map ID.

  5. Enable the “Share Location (Tablet)” setting by checking the box

  6. Disable the “Hide from map” setting by un-checking the box