1. In the web portal ensure that the user account associated with the iPad you want to see on the Tablet Command maps:

    1.  Has a Map ID defined

    2. “Share Location (Tablet)” is checked

    3. “Hide from map” checkbox is NOT checked

  2. On the device ensure the following

    1. It is a Cellular/WiFi enabled device

    2. It is logged into Tablet Command, 

    3. It is connected to the internet over WiFi or Cellular

    4. In iOS settings Privacy > Location Services > Tablet Command is set to share location “While Using the App” or “Always”

    5. It has moved since the settings were verified

  3. Make sure the iPad location is accurate by going to the map overview page and comparing the “blue dot” to your physical location

  4. Once these settings are verified, move the iPad so that it sends fresh location data to Tablet Command.  The “blue dot” should move on the map to indicate that the device is updating location locally.

  5. If this does not work, please upload logs from the device by tapping on the gear icon, selecting “App Support”, and then “Upload To Support”. 

Note:  A good place to troubleshoot locations as an account Admin is in the web portal under Admin Settings > Location.  You can search for map ID’s there and easily see exactly what device the location(s) are coming from.