If Incident Type notifications have not be processed then please work on your on boarding document. If a list is already established in the account then do the following steps.  Please know you need to have access to your interface.

1. Go to the interface and export the incident types using the export button. The file, problems.csv, will be created in the install directory for the interface which should be c:\TriTech\Visicad\Net\
image (14).png
2. Add the exported problem types (Incident Types) to your onboarding document as a new sheet, delete any Problem types you do not want to have notifications for and then categorize the list. Categories would be things like Rescue for all the rescue call types, Structure Fire for all the structure fire call types etc. If you do not have an onboarding document then create a new spreadsheet and name it Incident Type Notifications.

Please know that editing/updating the Incident Type notification list is something we want to limit coming back to as it can cause confusion for the end user.  We will work with you on the next steps after you extract this list from your interface, place it in a spreadsheet, and format the list to map given CAD call types to given Incident types.

Please contact support at support@tabletcommand.com for any questions.